Wednesday, January 20, 2010

4 Way Stop

This morning I was at a 4 way stop.  To bad someone met me there around the same time and went right through the intersection.   So, when did people start thinking a rolling stop was the same as a legal full stop?  I guess since the dawn of automobiles.  Even though you should do a full stop every time, you think people would have the decency to make a full stop when other people are around, or even more so at the same intersection.  This is a regular occurrence here, and a rolling stop saves about zero seconds on your travel time.

Regardless, I let him know how I felt with a huge piece of my horn.  That’ll learn ‘em.

Oh yeah, another thing.  I was driving at lunch beside a stop sign, the guy was going to blow right through it and he saw me coming so he slammed on the breaks.  Good thing he saw me and not the person trying to cross in front of him.  “Shudder”.  Good thing they saw him.  They had to walk around his truck to cross the street.  Oh yeah, the driver was on his cell phone.

Should we all go back to driver training?  Should we have to get retested every five years?  It might not be a bad idea.

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