Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Death of Art

Are we running out of ideas, or are we just lazy?  It seems that every film in the theatre or song on the radio seems to be a rehash of something nostalgic or it is original with no substance to it at all.  You have to wonder if this is because no one has any good, original ideas or because the people who produce such pieces of art are playing it safe and producing what will be a guaranteed money maker.  I know in film this is extremely evident and becoming almost comical, with the production companies playing it safe and remaking everything in the past 30 years or so, but it seems that this is panning over into the music industry and other industries as well.

This phenomenon reminds me of the art deco style of architecture of the 1920s and 30s.  Buildings were pieces of art that were pleasing to the eye and people could be proud of.  Now, with a few exceptions, people are hard pressed to find a building that is not economically made as possible; big square buildings with little thought put into it.  I understand because of the depression throughout the 30s that things had to change, but they never did bounce back.  The houses we live in seem to be made the same way these days.  It’s all about economy and now we are even seeing that the craftsmanship in the very washer/dryers and refrigerators put into these houses.  Nothing lasts for than 5 years, whereas if you had an appliance from 30 years ago, it would outlast something bought last week.

Although I will give the music industry credit, the instrumental artists out today are fabulous and have been creating great music that are some of the greatest there is, but the lyrics are repetitious and don’t say anything.  Music used to be about telling the world something, now it is just a way to sell records.

There is a line drawn between art/expression and a business, but I think it’s time to turn that balance in the other direction.  Life can be a tough place and boring at times, so when people go to escape, to an otherworldly experience in a theatre or in their rooms listening to the radio, it would be great for them to experience something better that what we are giving them as a society.  Let’s put some effort into our craft and hope and pray that he public demands better as well.