Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Story by Robert McKee

robert_mckeeI just finished reading the book Story: Substance, Structure, Style and the Principles of Screenwriting by Robert McKee.  He came to town about 3 years ago to teach, but little did I know who the world renowned teacher really was.  Well, I was in for a surprise during the course of his seminar.  It was probably one of the most mind bending, yet informative weekends I have been to, just ask anyone who has taken the course already.  Being sick during the whole weekend didn’t help my situation.

Since I have started writing, I have read several books on screenwriting.  They have all helped me to learn the basics of screenwriting, the history of Hollywood and how writers got their start as well as how the industry has changed over the last century.  Robert McKee’s book concentrates on more of the science behind story.  Although it is tailored towards the screenwriter, his techniques can be used for all types of writing.  My eyes were opened after finishing the book and it allowed me to see the difference between good writing and great writing.

I encourage anyone who is looking into making their storytelling and communication better by picking up this book or audio book.  It’s not a difficult read, but I think it will open your eyes to ‘story’ like no other book has.

An excerpt from Robert McKee’s Story Seminar

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